REMINDER! This Saturday: Tuck Studio presents Thaddeus Holownia, Artist Talk and Book Launch March 14 2015 2 pm

We are happy to report that our driveway is clear and we welcome everyone to visit on Saturday! However, due to the large amounts of snow still present at the top of our driveway, parking will be limited at the top. If you see pylons at the bottom of the driveway this is an indication that parking is full up top and we ask you park below on Wright Street, or another street close by. We very much look forward to seeing you all and enjoying our time with Thaddeus.

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Tuck Studio will be hosting an artist talk, book launch, and exhibition for ‘Working in the Dark’ on March 14th at 2:00 pm. Attendance to the 90 minute artist talk and exhibition is free of charge and copies  of ‘Working in the Dark: An Homage to John Thompson’ will be available for $40. Please RSVP on the event Facebook page or call or email to reserve a seat, (506) 642-9692
Thaddeus Holownia,  Canadian visual artist, professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Mount Allison University, printer and publisher, has his studio and letterpress shop Anchorage Press on the Tantramar Marshes in Jolicure New Brunswick.
Anchorage Press has recently released Working in the Dark An Homage to John Thompson. The book centres upon Thompson’s life in the community of Jolicure, located on the High Marsh Road not far from Sackville, New Brunswick.  It was there that Thompson bought and started to renovate an old farmhouse in 1973.  A year later it burned down while he was on sabbatical in Toronto.  By then, the home had become a complex symbol for him of his life as a poet and the imaginative journey he was taking while writing the ghazals of his last book Stilt Jack.
Working in the Dark contains a suite of photographs by Thaddeus Holownia, whose studio now stands upon the site of Thompson’s home; a long prefatory essay by the book’s editor, Peter Sanger; and a set of elegies for Thompson to which Harry Thurston, Matthew Holmes, Allan Cooper, Peter Sanger, Amanda Jernigan, Andrew Steeves and Rob Winger have contributed.  It also publishes, for the first time, a prose poem by Thompson recently discovered in the Mount Allison University Thompson archives.
Holownia sees Working in the Dark as a tribute to a shared creative space and to the power of nature and life, a driving force in both his and Thompson’s work.
Holownia’s talk will centre on his collaborations with writers, and the creative process that drive his projects from conceptual ideas to physical beautifully crafted objects.

























Images copyright of Thaddeus Holownia

Intimate weds Rustic, Lawson style. [A PUNCH INSIDE Wedding Installation.]

Intimate Meets Rustic Lawson Style

I met Terrilyn and Brent a few months back on a home consult.  I was immediately struck by two things:  a) how easygoing they were,and b) how in love they were.

A few months later I got an email from Terrilyn saying that she and Brent were getting married and, while she knew that I didn’t ‘do’ weddings, she assured me that if I agreed to design their wedding she’d literally just ‘show up’.  Too good to be true, I thought, but because I liked this couple so much and with the other ‘players’ involved (SJAH, photographer, florist), I agreed to take a stab at it.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve resisted the wedding planner route. I pass all requests along to my colleague Haley Evans from Menus to Venues.  When I married Robert, I wore jeans, high-cut sneakers and my hair in banana clip on a beach in Prince Edward Island.  There was Macey, our Boston Terrier, and three other guests in attendance.  Afterward we ate stale Co-op Birthday cake with someone else’s name on it (never got picked up apparently) from the only place to buy cake within a 15 mile radius of our rented house on the beach.  My point is, I don’t do weddings, not even my own!

But I also love a challenge.  And when Terrilyn said they wanted to have a very small gathering (less than 25 guests) and that she trusted us (they’d literally just ‘show up’) I agreed.

The Saint John Ale House (Keg Room) upstairs was a perfect setting:  it had a long communal table for the family/close friends dinner, and there was also enough room to place, theatre style, a small area for Terrilyn and Brent to get married, complete with a backdrop.

Knowing Kelly Lawson, one of my best friends and close collaborators, was going to be photographing their special day, I decided to place Kelly’s photo 9′ white backdrop (along with the pre-set lighting) behind the bride and groom. We added our rental Gus* Modern Light Boxes for low intimate lighting, plus very simple rustic chair markers on the back of each seat.


Given all the rustic elements of the Saint John Ale House (the distressed floors, exposed brick walls, and high ceiling beams) I chose to go with a playful palette of coppers, silvers, creams, along with  a flourish of disco balls to complement the restaurant’s elements.


The lanterns created a magical ceiling over the small wedding party.


We then carried the same lantern theme on the other side of the room to anchor the space above the communal table as featured below.


We chose simple white linens, stainless steel antlers, large chunky votive candles on each place setting, along with name tags and a printed menu, mixed in with two large simple magnolia floral centrepieces from Sandra Miller Floral Designs to welcome guests for the harvest / family style food served by Jesse Vergen and his team.




We took a magnolia leaf and placed it on each place setting to highlight each guest’s name tag.


The copper colours in the magnolia leaves are among my favourite elements in this design.




Sandra Miller Floral Designs created a beautiful hair piece for Terrilyn, which incorporated magnolia leaves.



The antlers were also carried into the bride’s bouquet.


“Terrilyn & Brent.  In love.”


Parker is the other great love of Terrilyn’s life.


We wish Terrilyn, Brent and Parker, all the happiness they deserve.  I wanted to say a tremendous thank you to my co-worker, Joshua Hayes, for installing and adding his own special elements to our collaborative design and to our newest team member, Christiana Myers, for all her assistance in setting up with Joshua.  Kelly Lawson, your photos make everyone (and everything) magical.  We of course enjoy collaborating with Sandra Miller Floral Designs as well, as they create stunning floral arrangements.  And, last but not least, our client and our dear friends at the Saint John Ale House. You pulled this event together seamlessly!

Although we don’t typically do weddings as mentioned above, we happily will rent out all the elements you see here:  Gus* Modern Light boxes, the various lanterns, the stainless steel antlers and large table votives.  Contact us for more information.  506.642.9692.

Before and After: Dr. Jeff Sheppard’s home gets a mini-modern update

Dr. Jeff Sheppard, a chiropractor practicing in both Saint John and Rothesay, moved into his new home in Quispamsis just over a year ago. Since then his main focus has been updating the home’s exterior and interiors which turned out beautifully.  However, by his own admission he felt  parts of the interior decor and furnishings could use an injection of design savvy.  Jeff called upon the help of Punch Inside and with some cosmetic changes and the addition of modern pieces from Tuck Studio, his living space has gone from traditional and somewhat ordinary to fresh and inviting.


The living room was functional but lacked direction in its mantle decor, and the entrance way was crowded by a large piece of furniture that had become a catch-all for the family’s belongings as they came through the door.  Doc, the family dog, made this seat his bed!

DSCF3570 DSCF3564

The dining room was suitable but lacked vision. A wine chest, built by Jeff’s father, was by far the room’s strongest feature and we decided to draw upon that piece to ground and inform the new furnishings we’d pick for the space.

DSCF3562 DSCF3563


All photography by Christiana Myers
A large mirror creates a focal point for the living room and modern accessories add character without looking cluttered. Mirror by Umbra, Asymmetrical Candle Holders by Umbra Shift, vases by 18 Karat, and “Bank in the Form of a Pig” by Harry Allen for Areaware all from Tuck Studio.


By adding height through the new centrepiece and storage to the entryway has made it more functional and given it greater presence, not to mention that it makes for a much nicer view when entering through the front door.  Wilson End Table by Gus* Modern, vase by Roost, through Tuck Studio and floral arrangement with artificial succulents by Sandra Miller Floral Designs.


The Dining Room is now a dynamic and welcoming space, perfect for entertaining. After entering through the french doors, guests are invited to sit in Lucent or Ray Dining Chairs at the Kirin Live Edge Dining Table. The centrepiece features a vase by Darren Emenau with a floral arrangement by Sandra Miller Floral Design, and is set between Distortion Candleholders by Areaware. Filament Bulbs  add interest and warmth to the existing light fixture and the large artworks by Suzanne Hill anchor and energize the space. White blinds replace the the heavy drapes, opening up the room and allowing natural light to shine in. All furniture and accessories provided through Tuck Studio. (with exception of Light Fixture)




The centrepiece features a vase by Darren Emenau with a floral arrangement by Sandra Miller Floral Design and is set between Distortion Candleholders by Areaware.

We very much enjoyed working with Jeff on these few simple updates for his home.  Thanks Jeff!