CONTEST: Light as a feather! Umbra’s new feather decor gets a ‘like’ from us! Share and win.

Umbra has just released a new design by Youssef Sayarh featuring “Feather Wall Decor” – beautifully illustrated decals!
Set of 18 feathers that mount to the wall with clear adhesives.
Six styles of feather ranging from: 3 x 3 1/2″ (7.6 x 8.9 cm) to 3 x 8″ (7.6 x 20.3 cm)

Sarah and I thought it would be fun to try out the decals on our studio wall with two different looks to see how the feathers hold up!

Which do you prefer
Left:  Placed with our Gus* Modern Acrylic I-beam, our Globe pendant light and acrylic Vapour Dining Chair.
Right:  placed with our Gus* Modern White Lacquer Pawn Stool, our Norm 12 Pendant Light and white Panton Chair.

Which do you prefer?
clear with wall stickers (1)

white with wall stickers (1)


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You can also pop into the studio and purchase your own set of Feathers for just $15.00!

Born and raised in Morocco until the age of 19, Youssef is an industrial designer who has studied, and worked in several countries across the globe, from Canada to Japan. He has an expansive, eclectic background, which includes experience in business, marketing, and video game and animation design. He is also quinti-lingual, able to fluently speak, read, and write in English, French, Japanese, Arabic, and Moroccan Arabic. Youssef feels that his multicultural background has provided him with well-rounded knowledge, and aids him in comprehending design from different perspectives. He always strives to put forth innovative designs that make a difference in people’s lives.

TUCK TURNS TWO BECAUSE OF YOU! Celebrate Saturday Sept 20th 2014.

****Please note that the studio will be closed this week in preparation for the new fall collection ‘reveal’ for this exciting event on Saturday:


TurningTwo (1)

Thank you for adventuring ‘Into the Wild’, year after year. We invite you to join us for our two year anniversary to help us celebrate this milestone.

The centrepiece of Saturday’s event will be the revelation of the studio’s fall collection. We haven’t strayed too far from the woods, but this season we thought we’d add a little soft glam incorporating elements of copper, pale pink, blacks, whites and, of course, wood.

Celebrate with us from 11am to 5pm Saturday September 20th, 2014.

Refreshments will be served. Everyone welcome.

Added Bonus: every guest’s name will be entered into a draw for a $100 gift certificate.

Please join our event page here:

Here are a few sneak peeks of our new fall collection.













Cathedral Place collaboration complete! “Ode to Audrey” revealed.

A few weeks ago we announced a collaborative design project we were undertaking with Cathedral Place, the new uptown contemporary apartment complex on Golding street conceived by owners John and Gail Rocca.  (You can read that post here.) As promised, we were going to design a space with mid century-inspired furnishings and styles as a tribute to Audrey Hepburn, after whom the one bedroom apartments were named.

Our mandate, obviously, was to choose pieces that would work well in a one bedroom, open concept apartment.  What follows, documented through the lens of Kelly Lawson, is our take on ‘Ode to Audrey’.  All design by PUNCH INSIDE.  Furnishings and lighting provided through TUCK STUDIO, unless otherwise noted.

Living Space:

Judith Rocca [FULL]-3
All Photography by Kelly Lawson

As you walk through the front entrance you are greeted with pops of colour and compact furnishings.  The Sectional is designed for several configurations and the Citrine Cube can be used for either an ottoman or an extra seat when company visits.  Furnishings: Gus*Modern Halifax Chair in Laurentian Onyx, Gus*Modern Spencer Loft Bi-Sectional in Totem Pebble, Gus*Modern Light Box, Gus*Modern Jasper Cube in Laurentian Citrine – all from  (Tuck Studio) Ceiling Pendant – Artecnica Shayk Light, Candlesticks – Areaware Distortion Candleholders in White,  Pig – Areaware Harry Allen Bank in the Form of a Pig in White – all from  (Tuck Studio)

Judith Rocca [FULL]-8

We chose to hang the consoles off the wall so as to appear as  if ‘floating,’ which gives an airier sense to the room.  The bold artwork can be replaced with a TV (but why would you?!)   Saint John Water Artwork by Chris Lloyd(Tuck Studio), Pillows – Mod Pieces Triangles Pillow in Turquoise and Equilibrium Pillow in Jet Black (Tuck Studio)

Judith Rocca [FULL]-14
We chose fabrics, materials and colours that work nicely with the custom built modern cabinetry by Christoph Malinowski; lots of greys, whites, with strong bold pattens in moderation.  Custom Kitchen Cabinetry by CM Woodcraft  Trolley – Normann Copenhagen Block Table in Dark Grey (Tuck Studio),  Pillow – Mod Pieces Equilibrium Pillow in Jet (Tuck Studio), Tea Towel – Ferm Living Black and White Triangle Tea Towel (Tuck Studio)
Judith Rocca [FULL]-9
We decided to paint the half wall to frame the table and give the dining area its own identity.  We placed the table directly against the wall and placed only two chairs for daily living.  Extra chairs can be added to the table when company arrives.  Dining Table – Gus*Modern Sudbury Rectangle Table in Walnut (Tuck Studio), Chairs – Nuevo Charlie Dining Chair in White (Tuck Studio)
Judith Rocca [FULL]-11
A more detailed view of the table with pops of accents/decor.  Yellow Banana Bowl by Harry Allen (Tuck Studio), Toma Duo Glasses and Plates, Cup and Saucer – Jason Miller Seconds (NFS)  Table Runner – Karim Rashid Wallpaper
Judith Rocca [FULL]-38

Here is the view from the dining area showing the light from outdoors.


Judith Rocca [FULL]-16

The bedroom is surprisingly roomy,  easily allowing for a queen-size bed.  Queen Duvet cover Summer Triangles by Society6. Ceiling fixture – Artecnica Globe Pendant (NFS)
Judith Rocca [FULL]-25
Desk Lamp – Nuevo Nova Table Lamp (NFS); Desk – Gus*Modern Junction Desk in Walnut/White, (Tuck Studio), Chair – Nuevo Charlie in White (Tuck Studio)
Judith Rocca [FULL]-29
Nuevo Arturo Lounge Chair in Black (Tuck Studio)
Judith Rocca [FULL]-22
We decided to use the actual half wall as a headboard of sorts and used decals to suggest a headboard.  Pillow – Mod Pieces Triangle Pillow in Jet (Tuck Studio), Wall Stickers – Ferm Living Mini Triangles Wallstickers in Black (Tuck Studio)  Below you can see there is a lot of storage space!
Judith Rocca [FULL]-30
Judith Rocca [FULL]-34
Shower Curtain – Smith and Corona Shower Curtain from, Wall Stickers – Ferm Living Mini Triangles Wallstickers in Black, Vase with flowers – Normann Copenhagen Kontur Vase in White (Tuck Studio), Wall Hook – Normann Copenhagen Sticks Hooks nature (NFS)

 Design Boards Created by Joshua Hayes

Below are our design boards for the space!  It’s always fun to see how they all come together in the actual space.

Judith Rocca [WEB]-100

Exterior of the unit.

Judith Rocca [FULL]-54
Exterior of the unit.
Judith Rocca [FULL]-56
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Waterloo Street.

Additional photography by Kelly Lawson.

Judith Rocca [FULL]-39
Faux Succulents – Sandra Miller Floral Designs.
Judith Rocca [FULL]-40
Judith Rocca [FULL]-41
Holder with Succulent – 18Karat 3″ Facet in Amber (Tuck Studio), Paper Napkins – Ferm Living Mr. Napkins (NFS)
Judith Rocca [FULL]-53
Judith Rocca [FULL]-51
Judith Rocca [FULL]-43
Planter – Sandra Miller Floral Designs.
Judith Rocca [FULL]-44
Candlesticks – Areaware Distortion Candleholders in White (Tuck Studio); Saint John Water Artwork by Chris Lloyd(Tuck Studio)
Judith Rocca [FULL]-45
Pig – Areaware Harry Allen Bank in the Form of a Pig in White (Tuck Studio); Saint John Water Artwork by Chris Lloyd(Tuck Studio)

Judith Rocca [FULL]-35
Floor Tiles – Flor tiles in Heaven Sent in Pink and Suit Yourself in Slate.
Chair – Nuevo Max Dining Chair in Orange (Tuck Studio)