For those convinced I have a branding obsession involving pink pigs (as opposed to an obsession about branding pigs pink?), let me set the record straight:  it’s purely a coincidence that Jesse Vergen’s Smoking Pig BBQ logo and my punchinside logo happen to feature pigs that just happen to be pink.

Jesse contacted me earlier in the year (just before he opened his ‘caboose’ out in Quispamsis in the early summer) and said essentially to do whatever I wanted, just make sure it ‘stands out’ and is highly ‘visible’ from the highway.  When your business is set up in the wide open green spaces as is the case with the Pit, what better choice than bright fun colors!

And with Jesse being such an avid social media guy it was important that his ‘brand’ stick out through the FaceBook & Twitter feeds.  It does.

So, that’s about it.

Below is the logo designed by yours truly (PUNCH Productions) for twitter /facebook feeds so that the ‘barn’ feel is incorporated.

I especially like the photo below that Sean McGrath took, early in the morning… the plexiglass with the pig!  In addition, check out Sean’s blog (with more pics!) on Jesse’s Caboose.

Skyblue!  Another great shot by Sean McGrath illustrating how the logo stands out with the yellow addition of the background!

If you are one of the three people left in the City or the Valley that hasn’t yet managed to get out to the Smoking Pig BBQ, then do it!  The food is honest, delish and plentiful.  Can’t say enough about it, to say nothing about the great people we always run into out there.

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Thanks to Sean McGrath as always for his fabulous photographs and to Gillian Goldie for putting the files together for us!

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As always thank you for reading!